Thinker's Meet Report – High Risk Area Delimitation Restore 65˚ East Longitude

Strategic Initiation of 3rd Line of Defence for India

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]On July 11 2015, FINS organised Thinkers Meet on Indian’s Third Line of Defense – a maritime subject with commercial implication for the nation.
The objective of the Thinkers’ Meet was to bring together stalwarts from industry, various stake holders and experts to deliberate on the ‘Strategic Initiation of the 3rd Line of Defence for India – Floating Armories’ andRestoration of HRA from 78˚ East back to 65˚ East’. By bridging the formidable legal voids exhibited in the concept of Floating Armories and accommodating this new regime of developing international law, the Thinkers meet was converged towards deliberating an appropriate domestic legal precedence, which can empower and launch the Floating Armories as the first of a kind “Indias 3rd Line of Defence. 

Full Report on Thinker’s Meet is now available for Download 

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