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Showdown At Dabiq

To understand Daesh (Islamic State or Islamic State of Iraq & Sham) and its future; it is necessary to take into account its intellectual origins, its connections to al-Qaeda, the Salafis, and Salafi Jihadist groups; its dependence on religious texts through which it projects its unique identity, its barbaric and ruthless approach to jihad, and its rigid and seemingly unwavering ideological interpretations of Sharia; its psychological approach of sectarian dominance, and its extreme brutality towards all those it considers as its rivals or the infidels and apostates.
One problem that confuses the understanding of Daesh’s appeal is that Western politicians tend to deliberately misrepresent the role of ideology to undermine the group’s propaganda, while objective observers often have no access to Daesh associates beyond the social media. As a result a flawed understanding of the ideological appeal of Daesh is common.
There are multiple factors which have contributed to the sudden rise of Daesh. Social issues like uncontrolled demographic growth, rampant unemployment, and the politics of severe tyranny in the Middle East (especially in Syria and Iraq) are one aspect.
Failure of the earlier governments of this region in managing relationships among various ethnicity; and their failure in social, educational and cultural developments; all of which resulted into civil wars, massacres, imprisonment and torture of the people of those lands, are the other aspects.
While all of the above factors can be suggestive that the emergence of Daesh is a result of the long history of wars and violence, it is unable to explain the factors for the ideological and intellectual structure, and the spiritual premise of Daesh brand of jihad. Is Daesh a product of the environment brought about by various factors such as religious texts, social and psychological factors that impacted the psyche of the jihadists or are jihadists themselves the creators of such environment and circumstances?
Showdown At Dabiq is author’s effort to answer above question in simple and engaging way. This book is very good resource to understand middle eastern conflict(s).

About Author : ‘Sardar’ Sanjay Matkar

‘Sardar’ Sanjay Matkar is an audacious adventurer, an avid student of history and global politics, and an avowed Nationalist. Since 1983 he has travelled 44 odd countries over 5 continents. He has been boots-on-the-ground in conflict zones of Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq. A pragmatist who has witnessed the unimaginable horrors of war and its brutal effects on the people caught in the conflicts, he has firm beliefs in all attempts towards global peace and mutual co-existence between all communities and countries. He currently keeps occupied as a mentor, motivational speaker, Corporate trainer and personality building Coach; and heads a Consulting Service for Skill Development.
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