Pakistan army assasinated political activist in Baluchistan

Dr. Manan (Secretary General of the Baloch National Movement) was murdered by Pakistan Army in Mastung, Baluchistan.
Dr. Manan,48, was killed a day after a meeting between Sanaullah Zehri, the pro-Islamabad chief minister of Balochistan and Lieutenant General Amir Riaz, the highest official of the Pakistan army designated in Balochistan, reported Huffington Post.
The BNM has given a protest call against the killing of its leader. BNM international spokesman Hammal Haider Baloch said the party has decided to announce three-day strike in Balochistan and 40-day mourning period, as reported by OneIndia News.
More than 8000 people have been abducted by Pakistani Armed Forces in Baluchistan since 2003 with numerous reports of torture.

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