Key Points: Prime Minister’s Concluding Remark at All Party Meeting on J&K

In his concluding remark at All Party Meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the fundamental reason for disturbances in Kashmir is cross-border terrorism promoted by our neighbouring country. Due to terrorism normal life in Kashmir Valley is affected. Following are the Key points in his speech.

  • Since the start of Terrorist activities in Kashmir in 1989-1990, in action by the Security Forces:
    • More than 34,000 AK 47 Rifles were seized.
    • More than 5000 Grenade launchers were seized.
    • Around 90 LMGs were seized.
    • More than 12,000 Revolvers were seized.
    • 3 Anti-Tank Guns and 4 Anti-Aircraft Guns were seized.
    • More than 350 Missile Launchers were seized.
    • 63,000 kilograms of explosives including RDX and more than one lakh Grenades were seized.
    • During this period more than 5,000 foreign terrorists were killed which is almost equal to the strength of 5 Battalions.
  • When weapons have been seized in such huge numbers, so many foreign terrorists have infiltrated to spread death and destruction, the world will never accept the false propaganda of Pakistan, even if it speaks a hundred thousand lies.
  • Pakistan forgets that it bombs its own citizens using fighter planes. The time has come when Pakistan shall have to answer to the world for the atrocities committed by it against people in Baluchistan and PoK.
  • It is also a fact that Kashmiri Pandits have been displaced from their centuries-old ancestral dwellings in Kashmir Valley. Such atrocity against a particular community is the misdeed of terrorists trained and armed with weapons by Pakistan, and their sympathizers. These can never be the deeds of those who believe in “Kashmiriyat.”
  • For the all Around development of Jammu and Kashmir, a decision has been taken for implementing a development package of more than Rs. 80 thousand crore (800 billion rupees) in consultation with the State Government. This package envisages development of every region and every section of society of Jammu and Kashmir. This includes better facility for education of children, employment to youths, modern facility for treatment, facilities for promotion of tourism in the state and special arrangements for production of fruits in the State.
  • In order to provide employment immediately, the government has decided that 10 thousand Special Police Officers (SPOs), about 1200 Para Military and about 4000 candidates in 5 IR battalions will be recruited. In addition, about 1 lakh 25 thousand (125,000) persons will be trained under Udaan and HIMAYAT schemes so that unemployed people can get appropriate employment.
  • The process of connecting Kashmiri youth with economic activities of the State will be speeded up.
  • The States in which people of Jammu & Kashmir are residing, whether they are Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs or Buddhists or of any religion, should approach them and should make efforts so that they can establish contact with their relatives in Jammu & Kashmir and can apprise them about their own progress and the progress in other States of India.
  • Ministry of External Affairs should make efforts to approach the people of PoK residing in different parts of world and collect information about the miserable conditions in PoK and bring them to the knowledge of the world community.

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