ISIS (Islamic State) Book Launched : Showdown At Dabiq Islamic State Vs Armies of Rome

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Showdown At Dabiq - Islamic State Vs Armies of Rome in the 21st Century

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]On September 11, FINS published “Showdown At Dabiq – Islamic State (ISIS) Vs Armies of Rome in 21st Century” – a book on grave subject of ISIS (Daesh). A terrorist outfit which became an ‘Islamic State’ for many youths across the world. Through glass of their smartphones, many youths find ISIS as an Islamic Paradise on the earth. Beyond this brainwashing propaganda for recruitment over internet is the dark reality of devastation, terrorism and innocent people caught in the middle of a long war. Showdown At Dabiq – Islamic State (ISIS) Vs Armies of Rome in the 21st Century is a clear picture of this dark reality.

Significance of ISIS Book Launch on September 11 (9/11)

ISIS Book – Showdown At Dabiq – Islamic State Vs Armies of Rome in the 21st Century

On this day in 2001, for the first time, global community came to term that terrorism is a global threat and not just an internal security or policing problem. India, along with few other countries has been paying the bloody price for this menace decades before attack on US Soil. The attack took global community by surprise and shock. But, even after fourteen years, “World without Terrorism” is a distant dream. On the contrary, tentacles of terrorism have grown manifolds since then. From states using terrorist outfits as a weapon against neighboring countries to current reality of Terrorist outfits using states to sustain, grow and multiply. This progression of terrorism creates a very fundamental question – Can global community defeat Terrorism and ISIS?

ISIS Book : Showdown At Dabiq -Author ‘Sardar’ Sanjay Matkar

Author  ‘Sardar’ Sanjay Matkar is very optimistic in answering this fundamental question. He suggests in his new book that Terrorism or Islamic State can be defeated, but not with Air Strikes! He clearly states that terrorists are not invincible. Inadequacy of integrated strategic endeavour of global community has become an inconspicuous weapon of terrorist organisations. All global stakeholders need to realign their interests to counter this phenomenon. Terrorism, at the end of the day, is a psychological warfare. It is not a physical warfare. Lenin has put it very nicely by saying that the objective of terrorism is to terrorize the people who stay alive. If we don’t allow terrorists to enter our minds, the terrorists are already losing! If we look at India, many people say that Islamic State is gaining ground. But this is not the case. Islamic state is not gaining ground in India! All thanks to what our intelligence community does! They are just getting into the news. Our intelligence apparatus has been successful in stopping 95% of terrorist attacks on us.

Author ‘Sardar’ Sanjay Matkar At ISIS Book Launch

Author, who spent years in war-torn Iraq as a Security and Defense Contractor, reveals clear picture of ISIS (Islamic State). While tracking journey of Islamic State since its inception, ‘Sardar’ Matkar dwell deep into psyche of Daesh. In last chapters of his book, Author has analysed future of ISIS in coming time.
‘Sardar’ Sanjay Matkar dedicated his book Showdown At Dabiq to Late Shri Ashok Karnik (Dy. Director, IB) and to entire intelligence community for their inaudible work to protect innocent citizens.
About ISIS Book Launch Event 
Showdown At Dabiq was collectively launched by Lt Gen (Dr) D B Shekatkar (President, FINS), Adv. Bal Desai (Secretary Genral, FINS), Shri V Balachandran (Former Special Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat, GOI), Shri M N Singh (Former DGP, Maharashtra), Shri Sandeep Unnithan (Dy Editor, India Today) and ‘Sardar’ Sanjay Matkar (Author).
ISIS Book Launch – Adv. Bal Desai (Secretary Genral, FINS); ‘Sardar’ Sanjay Matkar; Lt Gen (Dr) D B Shekatkar (President, FINS); Shri V Balachandran (Former Special Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat, GOI); Shri M N Singh (Former DGP, Maharashtra); Shri Sandeep Unnithan (Dy. Editor, India Today) (L-R)

Experts Speak
Adv. Bal Desai (Secretary General FINS) At ISIS Book Launch

Book on ISIS : Adv. Bal Desai (Secretary General, FINS)

Adv. Bal Desai (Secretary General – FINS) in his opening remark on the eve of book launch told audience that Showdown At Dabiq – Islamic State Vs Amries of Rome is an abridged version of a 600 page work intended for every person interested in knowing reality of Islamic State. Adv. Desai told audience that FINS shall publish larger version of Islamic State subsequently, intended towards research scholars. Adv. Bal Desai congratulated author for his phenomenal work on this critical subject. Adv. Bal Desai said that it is our stated objective to project security concerns in an unbiased and clear way. This book is another testimony to that objective. This book is not a propaganda of any sort, but a scholarly work to help understand problem of terrorism.

ISIS – Ideological Reasons : Shri V Balachandran (Former Special Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India)

Shri V Balachandran (Former Special Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat, Gov. of India) At ISIS Book Launch

I went through Showdown At Dabiq and it’s really a fantastic book. There are many articles and stories written about ISIS, but I could never get a proper analytical picture about the background of this organisation, till I read Showdown At Dabiq. ‘Sardar’ Sanjay Matkar has portrayed conflicts between different Islamic Fundamentalists or insurgents  in a very clear and precise way. When you read this book, you come to know how Islamic State reached to this scale. He clearly answers that Islamic State is not a gang of few rag tag criminals. Author has given ideological answers to actions of this organisation.

ISIS and Modern World : Shri M N Singh (Former DGP, Maharashtra)

Shri M N Singh (Former DGP, Maharashtra) At ISIS Book Launch

I m not an expert on terrorism. Though as a police officer, I have experience of investigating some terrorist crimes and problem of Urban Terrorism in Mumbai. Similarly, Author of this book, has experienced Islamic State directly on the place of its origin. He has been to Iraq. It is highly commendable that he has produced a book on such a relevant topic. Everybody wants to know why Islamic State is killing innocent people with immense brutality. After reading this book on ISIS, I came to conclusion that Islamic State is a fundamentalists who do not believe in any philosophy, political theory, politics, institutions created by human beings through centuries of hard work. These terrorist don’t have faith in secularism, democracy, patriotism, nationalism, culture or education. If any human being or a country has faith in those things, they become enemy of ISIS.

ISIS – A Next Generation terrorism : Shri Sandeep Unnithan (Dy. Editor, India Today)

Shri Sandeep Unnithan (Dy. Editor, India Today) At ISIS Book Launch

On this day, fourteen years ago, we were all in front of television sets, watching horrors of terrorism. From that time till today, a lot has been changed. Today all of us carry the agent of next phase of terrorism in the form smart phones. In this context of information age, it is very essential to project true and clear picture to prevent our young generation from going on a wrong path. It is need of the hour to create awareness about topics such as terrorism. I congratulate ‘Sardar’ Sanjay Matkar for this wonderful book – Showdown At Dabiq : Islamic State Vs Armies of Rome to provide clear insight into this next generation of terrorism – ISIS.

Design of ISIS Well Covered :  Lt Gen (Dr) D B Shekatkar (Retd) President FINS 

Lt Gen (Dr) D B Shekatkar, PVSM, AVSM, VSM, (Retd) President FINS At ISIS Book Launch

Terrorism is a part of regime change. Terrorism is a part of government change. Terrorism is a weapon. Only thing is how someone wants to use it. Today, two third of the world is suffering because of terrorism. And therefore, I must compliment Sanjay Matkar for his book on Islamic State (IS). ‘Sardar’ Sanjay Matkar’s book is veracious account of current situation in the middle east. As He says that terrorism is a state of mind; the best possible solution will be to stop secession of mind. We can’t fight terrorism with brute force only. We must prevent radicalization of young minds in India and across the border. The message must go there also, so that in future terrorist incidents like Mumbai, New York and Peshawar must not occur again.
The book launch was attended by various academics, thinkers, intelligence officers, bureaucrats, and diplomatic community of India and abroad.
Book on ISIS is now available for purchase here.
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