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About Author
Shri Ashok Karnik retired as Deputy Director Government of India’s Intelligence Bureau after 37 years. He has packed into this book matters dealing with terrorism, Sino-Indian conflict, Indo-Pak relations, black money, corruption and social problems. His analyses are informative, educative and absorbing. The book will be of interest not only to students of national security, strategic studies and political matters, but also to laymen interested in national affairs.
Chief Guest’s Remark on “Intelligence – An Insider’s View”
All his working life Ashok Karnik served in the Intelligence Bureau collecting valuable data that would be ultimately used for formulating government policy. As a thinking, intelligent individual he arrived at his own philosophy about various security issues that trouble us as citizens. These views, which are “An Insiders’s View”, as the title of the book states so succinctly, need to be read and digested by concerned citizens.
One may not concur with all of Karnik’s conclusion but his sincerity and integrity is never in doubt. The Intelligence community is invariably blamed by State administrations, their police forces and even by military or para military units sent to aid the States whenever they are caught unaware. The 26/11 attack on Mumbai is a glaring example. But no one is ever told, for obvious reasons, of the IB’s success stories, which are many. Also, the inefficiencies of our own uniformed apparatus is often drowned in the cacophony accompanying what are called “failures of intelligence”
~ Shri Julio Ribeiro – Former DGP, Panjab
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  1. The author worked in Intelligence Bureau [IB] for 37 years. Part one of the book contains the author’s perceptions on security issues. India was humiliated in 1962 by sudden attack by China when the civilian officers of the IB on forward posts were the first victims. Mullik, Director IB, was criticized for the forward policy. the author opines that in the absence of these forward posts, China could have occupied them easily and it would have been difficult to dislodge them. A salutary aftermath of the debacle was the re-organization of the intelligence structure. he has rejected the charge that IB was used for internal political objectives. India has been facing terror acts sponsored by Pakistan and violence by Naxalites. Lack of military preparations or failure by police is often covered by blaming it on intelligence failure. For example, intelligence inputs on 26/11 attack in Mumbai were ignored as non-actionable. Part of the report by the Enquiry Commission comprising of Mr Pradhan and Mr Balachandran was published after several months. It was wrongly publicized that the Commission had given a clean chit to the police. The book is a must not only for members of the intelligence community and students of history but also for the general public who suffer the most in terror acts and fault lines in administration. The author has done a commendable job.

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