Azad Balochistan Is Inevitable

MP Shri Gajendra S Shekhawat sharing his views about Balochistan and Sindh freedom Movement

‘Azad Balochistan is inevitable’ is the message echoed during Panel Discussion organised by Forum for Integrated National Security, a Mumbai based Think Tank. Human Rights and Baloch Rights activists Prof Naela Baloch & Mr Mazdak Baloch, Researcher on Balochistan Capt Alok Bansal, Renowned Senior Advocate Mahesh Jethmalani, Mr Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, Member of Parliament from Rajasthan and Adv bal Desai, Secretary General, FINS shared their views during the Panel Discussion.

Highlighting the rich natural resources and culture of Balochistan, Mr Mazdak Baloch said that Pakistan and China, through China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), are destroying their ocean, marine ecology, livelihood and resources which rightly belong to Baloch people.

“Gwadar will be a Chinese Military Port to control Gulf Region and is not for economic development of Balochistan” asserted Mr Mazdak and Prof Naela Baloch. Prof Naela thanked PM Narendra Modi for mentioning Balochistan in his ‘2016 Independence Day’ speech from Red Fort. Since Aug 15, 2016, every child in Balochistan knows that he/she is not alone in  their fight for freedom and they have a friend called India said both the Human Rights Activists from Balochistan.

Prof Naela Baloch expressed her happiness that people from Afghanistan and India are with Balochistan and it is now matter of Government’s will for freedom of Balochistan to become reality. She said “Balochistan is not Pakistan’s internal issue. It is Pakistan who interfered in Balochistan’s internal issues. Prof called for more surgical strikes in Pakistan to dismantle the terror factory.”  She expressed her displeasure that the way UN did not prevent genocide in Bangladesh in 1971, same is UN’s approach with Balochistan. “UN sent team for fact finding on missing persons in Balochistan, UN team worked under the shadows of ISI which prevented locals from speaking truth as they fear for their lives. So far, UN failed to protect Balochistan, at least they should support us in our Freedom Struggle.” added Mr Mazdak Baloch.

Capt Alok Bansal, Former Naval Officer and Researcher on Balochistan said “Khan of Kalat was forced to sign accession Document by Pakistan in 1948. Since then there have been growing Baloch alienation. Baloch alienation is more or less complete. Furthermore, US is very uncomfortable with developments in Gwadar. It would be of paramount importance that people of Balochistan mount a unified political approach.”

Adv Mahesh Jethmalani mentioned that Kashmir is an integral part of India while Balochistan is not an integral part of Pakistan. So there should not be comparison between two. Both India and Balochistan are victims of Pakistan sponsored terrorism and We should not consider Pakistan’s words to decide who is a terrorist and who is not. Mr Brahamdagh Bugti, a Baloch leader in exile is being labelled as a terrorist for raising his voice against brutality while UN declared head of terrorist organisations roam free in Pakistan with state support. This ongoing, 68 year long, brutal oppression of Baloch people must reach to every human being on this planet. As a Nation, our intent should be very clear and that is ‘Free Balochistan’. Economic exploitation and oppression can not go unchecked. It is not about India’s National Interest but our moral values and International Law demand that India talk against genocide in Balochistan.”

Mr GajendraSingh Shekhawat, (MP Jodhpur) launched free e-book ‘Azad Balochistan’ authored by Mr Seshadri Chari. In his address, He stated that there is an increased awareness about suffering of Balochistan. India must ensure that cause of Balochistan and Sindh should reach every corner of the world.

‘Azad Balochistan is a valuable friend for India, Afghanistan, USA and the region’ says In Mr Seshadri Chari his book ‘Azad Balochistan’. Book covers Balochistan’s Past, Pakistan’s occupation of Balochistan and ongoing deprivation, exploitation and oppression by Pakistan.

Adv bal Desai, Secretary General FINS, assured in his concluding remarks that “Time has come for struggle of Balochistan to succeed.”

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