Naxals trying to build base among students

The intelligence agencies had warned governments several years back regarding Naxals building sympathizers’ base among the student community on the campus of various universities and other educational institutions. A senior officer, part of the team probing DU professor GN Saibaba’s role in Naxal movement, also claimed to have come across substantial documents regarding rebels’ plan of building a student base in every urban centre. “Naxals already have front organizations of students in many parts of the country. Such organizations provide future cadres for the Naxals in hinterlands. Some are even inducted in the military groups of Naxals,” said the officer. He also alleged Naxals mislead students with a dream of alternative political thought. Speaking against the backdrop of JNU controversy, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said that while the Naxals were on the backfoot, an insidious form of Left Wing Extremism was taking root in the civil society. “They are appearing as a decent face, but through them a propaganda to vitiate people’s mind is being run. Many universities are getting inspired by the so-called civil society of the Leftwing. I feel activities of such elements need a special attention,” he said. Arrest of Bihar University Professor Dr Vilakshan Ravidas for his alleged links with Maoists and posters at Jadhavpur university demanding ‘Azadi’ were alarming signs. Similarly, objection by Prof Lahiri of Jadhavpur University to National flag hoisting diktat at Universities raised questions about discourse at the Educational Institutes.,-says-Devendra-Fadnavis.aspx


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