FINS Bulletin – February 1, 2016

Inside this Bulletin

This fortnightly FINS Bulletin has three parts.

  1. Timeline: National Security events in chronological order.
  2. Terrorism Watch: Map of Terrorist Attacks across the world.
  3. News/Articles: News and articles on national security.

Timeline – 16th January – 31 January 2016

Chronology of Events and Happenings concerning India’s National Security. Go to Timeline.

Terrorism Watch

Map of Terrorist Attacks (worldwide) from January 16 till January 31, 2016.

  • Civilians & Armed Forces Personnel Casualties – 513
  • Terrorists Killed – 19
  • Total Number of Death – 532
  • Injured – 496
Terrorism 16-31 Jan 2016
Terrorism Map January 16 to 31, 2016


Russian Army to hold first joint exercise with Pakistan

The Russian Army will hold seven international military drills in 2016, including the first ever military exercises (mountain drills) with Pakistan reported Russian News Agency (TASS). Read More..

Chinese frontier soldiers train under extreme cold weather

Frontier soldiers take part in a training under cold weather in Hulun Buir, north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. More

Pakistan army murders Baloch political activist leader Dr Manan

Dr. Manan (Secretary General of the Baloch National Movement) was murdered by Pakistan Army in Mastung, Baluchistan. More..

Think Over 

“You may delay, but time will not.”
~ Benjamin Franklin

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  1. Terrorism map is a very effective visual tool… Very nice concept… If some how the cost of terrorism of people’s life can some how be presented.
    Example : Terrorism in areas where mining is impacted and we use tax payers money to import those minerals that could be used to say make hospitals…
    Idea is to : Establish Terrorism is eating and impacting our daily lives… To establish consistent and calibrated blame on terrorists in the mind of the common man such that he feels it is justified when action is taken against those elements…..
    Thank You & God Bless


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