Whose Kashmir is it?

Whose Kashmir is it?
“India’s; period”
There is no need for a footnote or a full stop to this statement. 71 years hence, everybody knows it: the people of Kashmir, Pakistan and its military, Caliphate cognoscenti, UNHRC, university intelligentsia, media, separatists, method anarchists, powerbanks who recharge the funds and supports marauders of India, jihadists, and all those who back the gremlins in India or elsewhere for breaking India or ‘what else they want’ by harming it. They all know Kashmir is an integral part of India. Then, why this brouhaha over Kashmir? It helps to plunder India, still a treasure house of goodness that is never seen anywhere in the world.
Let’s not beat around the bush. Or play hooky with one’s own family and friends in the finest knowledge academy of the world—India, the bhandar of knowledge that continuously descends to humanity to solicit oneness on the planet. Everyone who gathered knowledge from India owned it and repacked for distribution in different brand names. India didn’t bother. The incense stick is not concerned about the person who enjoys its fragrance. It burns, though.
India, as a geographical entity, stands tall and confident unperturbed with the goings on around it. “Destroying such a country and its human system is not good for the world”, I would like to warn you, my friends. It may be momentarily good for you if you belong to the community of shameless turncoats of the world for whom their country is a product on sale. As a human system of yore, India is the longest surviving human continuum in the world. Its tail end is not visible from the crown in the worm tunnel of time. That long is its prolonged continuity. What is seen in the world will be seen in India, and what is not seen in India will not be there anywhere else in the world. 
India is the world. It is also the ‘middle world’ that can balance polarity, the force that poises the human system. Look closely sans foggy vision. You will see it. The centre of gravity of the world lies in India.  If it is hit, the world will be hit. Destroy India; the world will be destroyed. Of course, you can work on it if you are a brand separatist or self-driven anarchist. But you will not succeed. It is better to go along with it. But you will anyway do it as a traitor or method mercenary. India has been experiencing it since time immemorial. It will continue to do so. That is the law of invariance. This article will not make an impression. I know.  India is already dented but has not lost its inherent strength. It will not die or vanish from the scene. It is bound to remain as strong as before. You should know it by now. Inhabitants, who are keen to compromise are everywhere. From the ordinary on the street to the elected to govern, such people are a dime a dozen all around the world. They too need to survive. They too are entitled for human rights. The UNHRC is not only aware of their existence, but also seemingly protective of them. The US has left the UNHRC in June 2018. Because they found it a cesspool of selfish bias. The world now knows the UNHRC is a hypocritical and self-serving organisation. India should not wait to do a USA on UNHRC. They had the audacity to shower filth on India calling its actions as a violation of human rights in Kashmir. The boogey of UNHRC already stands exposed. They have a mission; it is not that of the UN. Peace breaking is not a UN mission.
The world is replete with people who compromise for few bucks. These parasites creep everywhere. Humanity suffers when they are powerful and their genre replicates. But a State can overpower them if it has a government that can hold. That is the law of Invictus.
India’s very own nation-baiters, seemingly lovable and fair-cheeked when waltzing with the saboteurs and beneficiaries of Kashmir may be alarmed to see that the people of Kashmir are getting wind of the money and illegitimate authority they spin around the coffins and body sacks of innocents. Some among the population may even understand how they are breaking India for their own consolidation. Every stone costs them. The thrower (‘pelter’ is passé) won’t handle the stones unless the account is straight and paid in advance. We had seen it during the brief hours of the promissory holdup of two currency notes out of seven issued by the central bank. Those who were hit by the action ‘demoni(ti)sed’ the action of the government in public and private.  Of course, they can’t be blamed. They were hit at the most vulnerable spot—yellow money. The rich with tonnes of money stalked abroad stood in cue on the line to change their paltry ten thousand or so worth notes only to demonise the out-of-the-world decision of the Government of India. Come on; what India did is a secret desire toyed by many governments. But they hold back because it needs nerves of steel to introduce it. It was not demonetisation (there was no remonetisation in this case). It was just an intention to short-cancel two promissory currency instruments calling the holders to encash them immediately. India had only one demonetisation. That was way back in 1957 when the currency was decimalised. It is not a question of getting the economics straight but straightened. Whichever way it may be interpreted, economics always has its winners and losers. That is a different topic.
There was also a problem. Quite a few had to stand in queues. All of them felt the discomfort; Indians do not like to stand in a queue even while boarding a flight with an assured boarding pass in their hands. We can’t blame them. We are far too many in this country. Our demographic survival instinct is laced with anxiety. Anything that makes us stand in the queue will trigger this hidden anxiety. We will be quick to throw blame at authorities. (The stone throwers will at least wait for the cash). Stone pelting is money in circulation. Each stone has a cost value against its use value.
Howling at and insulting the soldiers of India’s armed forces, the world’s best, by Indians whom they protect is critical treason. People of Kashmir have understood it.  They have already rejected terrorism. They know they can usher in Insaniyat, Kashimiriyat and Jamooriyat in Kashmir along with unparalleled Indianism (Hindustaniyat), the concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, beyond politics and religion if the politicians cooperate. Finding negativism in this statement will be similar to arguing for the optimism of an Alcatraz inmate to break free.
And, friends, don’t mess with the Indian army. Don’t even think of it. They are tough and humane. That is a rare combination. Their strength lies in it. UN peacekeeping missions will prove it to you. They don’t sell their weapons. They use it against the enemies of their nation and the world when necessary. And so are the other armed forces of India. They know the pulse of India and how to keep it ticking. They don’t know fear. They haven’t heard of it. They can bear the heat more than the Sun and have the patience of the Earth, the planet they live in. They have seen it all. It will be wise for the politicos who abuse and cry to shackle them to know that they may also become defence ministers one day and will have to face the very own soldiers whom they abused. India is a secular democracy.  It will be wise for the democratically pervert politicians to refrain from abusing Indian soldiers at least on Indian soil. Indian soldier knows India. They know the world. They will recognise you.
In the end, I must also add that there are many who talk about referendums in the melee, even outside Kashmir. Stop it, unless you are doggedly acquiescent to your masters. A referendum is not like buying a packet of milk from the neighbourhood store. A nation is not decided by the people. In reality, it is the nation that decides its people. (I know, this needs in-depth explanation. Probably in the next musing).
“So where does Kashmir stand?”
“Inside India; where else?”.

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