Secretary General Message

Bal Desai
Adv Bal Desai

There is a misleading assumption that national security is a domain strictly for the Governments, Police and Military. In a democratic setup like ours, national security should be concern of every citizen. In this framework, we can’t and should not have at least one liberty – to say that government will take care of everything. Vibrant and consciously thinking society acting in unison for betterment of the nation is the criteria for a strong and secure democratic nation. We may have our differences in political thinking. But when it comes to national security and national interests, all our differences must fade away. We have collective responsibility towards challenges that nation faces. In this sense, a secure nationhood can be achieved only if our every citizen is safe and well-informed on matters of national interests.

Yes, Government has a decisive role to secure the nation, but we can help in making that security setup more robust and effective. And when we look at the future challenges presented by Information Age, role of every citizen becomes extremely significant & citizen’s participation is a must! We should no longer say that our Defence Minister and our armed forces will take care of everything. We must contribute to their efforts. We can support them in their decisions, taken in national interests.

Adv Bal Desai
Secretary General