About Us

At FINS, we strongly believe that ‘compartmentalized approach’ in matters of national security needs to be replaced with ‘Integrated National Security (INS) approach’. This approach will be more effective in dealing with future challenges. Furthermore, Integrated National security approach will strengthen our ability to achieve desired national objectives.

As a policy research institution, we study national security challenges. FINS is a platform for various experts to share their perspective and ideas with civil society.


Build a strong, secure and prosperous nation through a united and awakened society.


Analyse and evolve policies and solutions on National Security with three-pronged approach of
initiate – interact – influence
by involving all stakeholders concerned with integrated national security.


  • Analyse near future and long term security threats, challenges and advocate preventive measures
  • Undertake strategic studies and research
  • Study national security fault lines
  • Promote strategic culture
  • Promote ‘objective’ integrated national security approach instead of reactive approach
  • Promote national security as every citizen’s concern and responsibility
  • Promote cause of ‘self reliance in defence manufacturing’

Study Groups

  1. Defense Strategy
  2. External Relations
  3. International Treaties & Laws
  4. India’s Nuclear Doctrine
  5. India China Relations
  6. Psychological Warfare
  7. Maritime Security
  8. Maoism-Naxalism
  9. North-East
  10. Terrorism & Terrorist Organisations
  11. Cyber & Space Security
  12. Jammu & Kashmir
  13. Governance
  14. Soft Power